Saturday 16 June 2012 

Armidale Uniting Church 








The Armidale Beethoven Festival is an initiative of Jan-Piet 

Knijff and the Armidale Piano Duo to celebrate one year of  

Jan-Piet’s Choice, Jan-Piet’s ongoing weekly musical outreach 

series — Wednesdays at noon at the Uniting Church. 


Beethoven was a political composer if ever there was one. Jan- 

Piet dedicates his playing today to all those whose intellectual or 

spiritual freedom is threatened, everywhere in our world.  






































Welcome to the First-Ever Armidale Beethoven Festival! 


It is a cliché that Beethoven is the greatest composer of all time. 

Leipzig has its Bach, the Viennese their Mozart, and the French 

Debussy. Even Amsterdam has Sweelinck! But surely no other 

composer in history has stood so firmly and yet freely on the 

shoulders of his great predecessors—Mozart, Haydn, Handel, 

Bach and Bach—, no-one has been able to let music soar to 

such completely new and utterly unexpected heights as did our 



One of the many wonderful things that I’ve been so lucky to find 

in Armidale has been the many, many hours I have played piano 

duet with Lena. For much of that time, we played Beethoven 

symphonies and concertos in exquisitely beautiful transcriptions 

by Hugo Ulrich, who deserves a special place in the musical 

pantheon for bringing Beethoven’s masterpieces within the reach 

of two pianists’ four hands. 


The idea for this Beethoven Festival was born while we were 

piano together (although to be perfectly frank, I think we were 

playing Brahms!). I am grateful for the Uniting Church to host the 

Festival and to the many musicians from the Armidale community 

who enthusiastically volunteered to be a part of it.  


Some colleagues have told me that they always wanted to learn 

a particular Beethoven piece, and now, especially for the 

Armidale Beethoven Festival, they finally have. Teachers have 

told me how even their youngest students know about 

Beethoven—and love him!  


I hope Beethoven makes you laugh, love and cry today. Most of 

all, I hope we will all be even more in awe of the composer who 

summed up the essence of true Music in just a few words:  


From the heart—to the heart may it go! 


Dr Jan-Piet Knijff 








10:00 But First…  

Symphony No. 1 op. 21 (arr. Ulrich) 

Armidale Piano Duo 



11:00 Opus One? Opus 1! 

Variations on ‘Se vuol ballare’ from Mozart’s  

 The Marriage of Figaro for piano and violin, ‘op. 1’ 

Piano Trio in E-flat op. 1 no. 1   

Piano Trio Opus One 

Jan-Piet Knijff, Jodie Ostenfeld, Xenia Schmalz 



12:00 Spring Romances and Other Variations  

Romance No. 2 in F, op. 50 

April Kelson, violin; Deirdre Waters, piano 


Variations on a theme by Paisiello 

Deirdre Waters, piano 


Variations on a theme by Handel, WoO 45 

Georgie Ostenfeld, cello; Jan-Piet Knijff, piano 


Violin Sonata No. 5, op. 24 ‘Spring’: Allegro 

Sofia Debus, violin; Jan-Piet Knijff, piano 







1:30 Für Elise: Young Musicians Play Beethoven 

Six German Dances, WoO 42* 

Brandon Sullivan4, Beatrix3 & Camilla3 Thomson,  

Jamilla Hill, Johnny Schmalz5, Jessica Tan2,  

Isla Biffin2, violin; Camille Guyot, cello4 


Country Dance (C.M. von Weber)* 

Jamilla Hill4, violin 


Minuet in G, WoO 10 no. 2* 

Sinead4 and Veronica4 Borchard,  

Jamilla Hill, Brandon Sullivan, violin 


Für Elise, WoO 59 



Allegretto, from Symphony No. 7, op. 92 (arr. Reinecke)* 

Jacqueline Battin8 


Ich liebe dich (Zärtliche Liebe), WoO 123* 

Oliver Bruhl, treble7 


Piano Sonata No. 6, op. 10 no. 2: Allegro molto e con brio 

Jol Choct, piano1 



* with Jan-Piet Knijff, piano 


The performers are students of: 

Julee Andrews 

Marian Barford 

Zana Clarke 

Sofia Debus 

Errol Russell 

Deirdre Waters 

Inge Southcott 

Robyn Driscoll

2:30 Concerto 4 4 4 Hands 

Piano Concerto in G, op. 58 (arr. Ulrich):  

Allegro moderato 

Armidale Piano Duo 



3:00 Saint Ludwig  

God’s Praise in Nature, from Gellert Lieder op. 48 

*Kyrie from Mass in C, op. 86 

Beethoven Song (Peter Cornelius) 

Armidale Choral Society 

*Jenny Hebblewhite, soprano; *Jenny Warnock, alto; 

*Tom Fittler, tenor; *Will Smidt, bass; 

Jan-Piet Knijff, pianist and conductor 



3:30 His Teacher, and Other Organ Music 

Introduction and Fugue for Organ Duet  

 (Johann Georg Albrechtsberger)2,3 

Fugue in D2  

Adagio cantabile from op. 1 no. 1 (arr. André)1  

Prelude through all the major keys, op. 39 no. 2

Elevation from Missa Solemnis (arr. Benedikt), op. 123

Fugue in E (Simon Sechter, dedicated to Beethoven)

Megan Ainsworth   2 Lena Schmalz   3 Jan-Piet Knijff 





4:00  A Little Chamber Music 

String Quartet op. 18 no. 1: Allegro con brio  

PLC String Quartet:  

Eliza Scott, Jessica Wright, Sophia Dillon, Isabella Emanuel 


Serenade for String Trio, op. 8 

Errol Russell, Jodie Ostenfeld, Georgie Ostenfeld 


Air with Six Variations op. 105 no. 3


Gerard Larkins, flute; Julee Andrews, piano 


String Quartet op. 74 ‘Harp’: Poco adagio, Allegro 

Communal Mind: 

Alex Hiew, Margaret Butcher, April Kelson, Sofia Debus  




5:00 Adelaide in Armidale  

‘O wär ich schon mit dir vereint’ from Fidelio, op. 72 

Constance Rolfe 


Mit einem gemalten Band (from Drei Gesänge, op. 83) 

Jenny Hebblewhite 


Mignon, op. 75 no. 1 

Adelaide, op. 46 

Inge Southcott 


From Gellert Lieder, op. 48:  



Jenny Warnock 




Four folksongs*: 



 Wife, Children and Friends  

 Charlie is my darling 

Quartet from Fidelio

Liz Ellis, Inge Southcott, Phil Oxley, Jan-Piet Knijff; 

Ben Thorn, flute; Jodie Ostenfeld, violin; Sofia Debus, cello 

* Robyn Bradley & Jan-Piet Knijff, piano  




Megan Ainsworth likes to play the organ for worship at St Peter's 

Cathedral. She enjoys the strength and dignity of the organ, despite the 

challenge of reading the music, playing with hands and feet, and 

choosing stops—all at once! She studies organ and theory with Dr Knijff. 

Julee Andrews began piano lessons at the age of five. When she was 

in her early twenties she studied with a pupil of Alfred Brendel; in 1978 

she obtained a Fellowship in performance through the Trinity College of 

London. Julee has been teaching piano in Armidale for over forty years. 

Jacqueline Battin is a pianist and flautist, having had piano tuition since 

2008. She is currently studying Music 2 at O’Connor Catholic College. 

Isla Biffin is in fifth grade at PLC Armidale. She studies violin with 

Marian Barford and orchestral harp with Sebastien Lipman. 

Robyn Bradley is an accompanist and piano teacher in Armidale. She 

has acted as repetiteur for an eclectic mix of musical events and sings in 

chamber choir Fiori Musicali. Robyn studied piano performance at the 

University of Southern Queensland with Wendy Lorenz. 

Margaret Butcher completed a Bachelor of Music (Hons) at the 

University of Sydney and postgraduate studies in Graz, Austria. She 

performs on both modern and Baroque violin and teaches violin, viola 

and string ensembles. She is currently studying for a Master of Teaching 

at the University of New England. 

Jol Choct is a Year-9 student at Duval High School and a member of 

the Duval Soul Band. He is preparing for his AMusA with Julee Andrews. 





Zana Clarke, BA (classics); BMus (Hons, performance); Dip.Ed; 

Dip.SteinerEd has taught violin and recorder since her late teens. She 

has performed extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand, 

recorded eight CDs, organized festivals and courses in a wide range of 

musical genres; her teaching has been featured in international journals. 

Sofia Debus won the National Youth Concerto Competition at age 16 

playing Bartók’s 2nd Concerto. She holds the BMus (Distinction) from 

Lucerne Conservatorium and a Postgraduate Certificate from the 

Guildhall School in London. Sofia is sought-after as the only certified 

Suzuki teacher in the region. She performs on both cello and violin. 

Soprano Liz Ellis studied at the Conservatoria at Wollongong and 

Armidale and in Granada, Spain. She has performed in concerts such as 

‘Another Night at the Opera’ and ‘Mozart to Mahler’ and sung solos in 

Rutter's Mass of the Children, Mozart's Requiem, with Fiori Musicali and 

the Armidale Drama and Musical Society. 

Tom Fittler is a Year 10 student at O'Connor High School. A member of 

the New England Singers and the New England Chamber Choir, he 

looks back on many successes in the Armidale Eisteddfod. 

Camille Guyot started playing the violin but switched to cello with Sofia 

Debus. She likes playing fast, particularly when her dog sings along. 

Jenny Hebblewhite has sung since 1995. She has a professional 

performance diploma from the Victorian Guild of Singers and competed 

successfully in the Eisteddfod. A member of the Armidale Choral 

Society, she has given many performances in Armidale under the 

tutelage of Jenny Warnock. She is also a doctor. 


Alexandra Hiew (BMus, MMus, University of Cincinnati) studied violin 

with Kurt Sassmannshaus, Won-Bin Yim and Emin Tagiev. She has 

performed solo and chamber recitals throughout Australia, Germany, 

Italy and America. Most recently, she performed works by Mozart and 

Prokofiev with pianist Emin Mammadov at Schloss Britz in Berlin. 

Jamilla Hill (7) studies with Sofia Debus. Jamilla entered her first 

Eisteddfod when she was 4 and has been performing ever since. 

April Kelson is a violinist, violist and first-time mum to four-month old 

Archer. April and her husband Craig arrived in Armidale from Newcastle 

in 2009 for April to take up a position at the New England 

Conservatorium of Music. April holds a MA in Violin Performance from 

Truman State University, Missouri, USA. 

Jan-Piet Knijff, MMus, DMA, FAGO has been a professional musician 

for 30 years and taught in higher education for twelve, mostly around 




New York City. He teaches piano, organ, harpsichord, theory, history, 

chamber music, Latin and ancient Greek in Armidale. His recording of 

Edward Smaldone’s A Certain Slant of Light just came out on Naxos. 

Gerard Larkins learned to play the flute with Margaret Hawkins. In 1986 

he commenced tertiary studies at the Canberra School of Music under 

Vernon Hill. Gerard has a select clientele of woodwind students and 

plays with the Armidale Symphony Orchestra, the Armidale Drama and 

Musical Society and other local musicians. 

Georgie Ostenfeld started cello when she was 12 and studied with 

Eleanor Streatfeild when she came to Armidale in 2008. She hopes to 

study cello next year at university in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. 

Jodie Ostenfeld, AMusA, studies violin and viola with Errol Russell and 

theory and chamber music with Jan-Piet Knijff. She was a member of the 

Armidale Youth Orchestra for six years and its concertmaster for one 

season. She performs with Collegium Musicum Armidalense and sings 

in the Armidale Choral Society. 

The members of the PLC String Quartet have had extensive 

performance opportunities and have variously attended workshops with 

Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 

Australian Chamber Orchestra and a variety of professional string 

quartets. The quartet studies with Charlotte Hayes. Sophia Dillon is in 

Year 12, majoring in music composition for the HSC. Eliza Scott and 

Jessica Wright are in Year 11 and both studying music for the HSC next 

year, majoring in performance. Isabella Emanuel is in Year 8. 

Constance Rolfe, a third-year music student at the University of New 

England, studies voice with Stephen Tall. In 2011, she won the Open 

Vocal Championship at the Armidale Eisteddfod. Recently, Constance 

has performed with Collegium Musicum Armidalense in cantatas by 

Bach and Buxtehude, including at the New England Bach Festival.  

Errol Russell studied the violin with his father and later with Jascha 

Gopinko and Ernest Llewellyn. He was a member of the Sydney 

Symphony Orchestra, the Hoffman String Quartet and the Adel Trio. He 

has recorded extensively for ABC Radio. Since 1983 he has taught 

many young players who have since become professional violinists.   

Johnny Schmalz, the Webmaster of the Armidale Piano Duo, studies 

violin (E. Russell), organ (J-P Knijff) and also attends Duval High School. 

Lena Schmalz studied piano in Russia, organ in Germany, and currently 

studies harpsichord in Australia (with Jan-Piet Knijff). Very active in the 

Armidale music community as an organist and chamber musician, she is 

a founding member of the Armidale Piano Duo, which specializes in 

Beethoven symphonies arranged for piano duet. 




Xenia Schmalz is currently a PhD student in Cognitive Science at 

Macquarie University. She has been playing the cello for over ten years 

and has had lessons with David Pereira at the Australian National 

University as part of her undergraduate studies there. 

Will Smidt is a student in the BMus program at the University of New 

England. He studies voice with Stephen Tall. He has performed with the 

Armidale Drama and Musical Society in The Producers and The Hatpin. 

Upcoming engagements include Tiger Brown in the Three-Penny Opera

Inge Southcott is a qualified voice teacher (BMus performance, MMus 

vocal pedagogy) and regular alto soloist with the Armidale Symphony 

Orchestra, the Armidale Drama and Musical Society and Fiori Musicali. 

She was a minor principal artist with Opera Australia in the 1990s and 

has given many lieder recitals in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Brandon Sullivan studies piano (D. Griffith), violin (S. Debus) and organ 

(J-P Knijff) and is a member of the Armidale Youth String Orchestra. 

Jessica Tan is 13 years old and has been playing violin for seven years. 

She plays with her PLC string group and with Seirra Quartet and sings in 

the New England Singers and the PLC Choir. 

Beatrix Thomson is in fifth grade at PLC Armidale. She studies violin 

with Zana Clarke and loves Bernstein’s ‘I like to be in America’. 

Camilla Thomson is in fourth grade at PLC Armidale. She studies violin 

with Zana Clarke, but really wishes she were playing the double bass! 

Benjamin Thorn Is a composer, recorder player, flautist and harpist. His 

music has been published in Germany, USA, Canada and Australia and 

is played around the world. His work Bell Play is part of this year’s World 

Music Days in Belgium. He has performed in Australia and in Europe. 

Jenny Warnock majored in piano and voice at the New South Wales 

Conservatorium of Music, continuing her study in singing whilst a high 

school music teacher and later in the opera course at Leeds College of 

Music, UK. She teaches piano and voice and performs as a mezzo 

soprano soloist. 

Deirdre Waters began piano lessons at 6½. She gained a BSc from 

UNE, married and had four children. Resuming music in 1972, exams 

and study followed, with lessons with Wendy Lorenz (piano), Helen 

Lancaster (harmony), and Robyn Driscoll (T.Mus.A). Deirdre teaches 

piano and history, harmony and aural skills. 


The Kawai grand piano of the Armidale Uniting Church has 

been tuned by Mr. John Hatfield for this Beethoven Festival. 



















Armidale Piano Duo
Armidale Piano Duo